The purpose of The WAVES Project is to explore some of the many ways in which the internet can better tell a comics-style narrative.

Many comic readers don't care for digital comics the same way they do for traditional comics and graphic novels, preferring the tangible romance of pages between their fingers. For myself, the disconnect lies in that the digital comic is rarely more than a superficial reflection of the comic page. The internet is a powerhouse of a medium. It gives equal footing to text, video, audio, and interaction as well as offering the potential for a non-linear reading experience not found in books or television.

In adapting my own story, WAVES, I am incorporating a mix of media to help accentuate the narrative, and offer the reader something more than they get from the average digital comic.

The central narrative is composed of panels, like a traditional comic or graphic novel. The panels, however, are a mix of stills, gifs, and video. Whatever format best and most clearly paints the scene. The panels are arranged vertically on the page rather than the traditional left-to-right, top-to-bottom. And the pages are broken up by scene rather than being limited by the number of panels on a page.

There are also 'Artifacts' that give extra details about the world, characters, and events. Some Artifacts interact directly to the narrative at points while others simply expand the world.

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